A1 Microwave

A1 Microwave provides complete waveguide integrated assemblies including; filters, couplers, bends, isolators, combiners, twists and flexible waveguide sections in a single compact package. Freq Range: DC-50GHz Applications: SATCOM, Radar, and Point to Point Communications markets


Chengdu AINFO Inc. was founded in 2000 and focus on Antenna, Microwave/RF components and related services. A-INFO is ISO 9001:2000 certified company and maintains a stringent quality control process allowing us to provide high-end products which meet the requirements of the military, aerospace, and other high-reliability applications. Besides the standard products offered, we also do customization. Even you only need one piece; you will still receive warm and professional treatment. Our qualified sales engineer will reply your inquiry within 48 hours


was established in 2003 as a spun-off from the previous TELE QUARZ by Bernd Neubig, a Physicist and Electronic Engineer. Its staff comprises more than 80 years of cumulated experience and expertise in the Quartz Crystal Industry. The company is privately owned by Bernd and Brigitte Neubig, who are also the General Managers of the company. The legal name of the entity is AXTAL GmbH & Co. KG. AXTAL's facilities are located in Southern Germany, close to Heidelberg, in the so-called "Crystal Valley area". Whereas the administration is in Lobbach, the R&D Lab and the production facility are located in Roemerring 9, Mosbach-Diedesheim

CCI Coleman Cable, Inc

COAX SIGNA-WAVE LOW-LOSS 50 OHM COAX Signa-Wave 100, 195, 200, 240, 300, and 400 Series Available with flooded (water-blocked) optional polyethylene outdoor UV resistant jacket insulation, to withstand the harshest weather conditions, and Inside Riser Rated Flame Test PVC jacket insulation All our cables are 100% sweep tested to 5.8 GHz bandwidth and feature superior loss Excellent flexibility over standard rigid corrugated copper cable Compatible to all major connector manufacturers and are easily strippable for quick termination Applications: Mobile phone, Wi-Fi, Broadband, Satellite Antennas, Terrestrial Microwave, Medical, Military, Traffic Control, and Land Mobile Radio Utilized in numerous applications where loss and performance supersede traditional RG58, RG8, RG213, RG223, and RG214 coaxial cables

CrossPoint Techologies

CrossPoint Technologies company headquarters are located in Fabyan, CT, with a branch office in Frederick, MD. The founders have combined experience of over 50 years designing switching systems and components. Their background spans commercial satellite and cable TV industries, radar and signal intelligence systems

Custom MMIC

Our expertise includes bare die and packaged products from RF through millimeter-wave utilizing the following technologies: •GaAs pHEMT •GaN pHEMT •InP pHEMT •InGaP HBT •GaAs MESFET


Millimeter Wave Division Measurement and instrumentation equipment is the base of all R&D activity driven by any company in mm-wave industry. No one in the market can design a new breaking technology without high-quality measurement and instrumentation equipment at their labs. At ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division we design and serially manufacture precision measurement and instrumentation equipment for your mm-wave labs. Telecom Solutions ELVA-1 designs and manufactures a family of advanced wireless point-to-point LAN bridges and point-to-multipoint LMDS/MVDS/MWS solutions to connect geographically distributed LAN segments and multimedia clients to a whole network. The PPC-100 LAN Bridge links provide true Ethernet 100 Mbit full-duplex (symmetric) traffic between point-to-point locations on distances up to 14km

EMC Test Design

EMC Test Design, LLC offers the complete line of Smart Fieldmeter ® models including three broadband electromagnetic field probes, covering the frequency range 100 KHz-18 GHz, and one selective GSM probe for GSM 900-1900 MHz range


Magnetic Field Meter 40Hz – 800Hz, 4mG-120G Magnetic Field Meter 40Hz – 3000Hz, 4mG-120G


HYPERLABS has been providing innovative test and measurement solutions worldwide.


Electric Materials Center from ICPE SA manufactures conductors and cables for high temperature ( 200 degrees Celsius). Our company uses materials like FEP resin and glassfiber and can offer a large range of high- performance products for many applications.


VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology, transforms the way the world gets and stays connected. Our satellite-based IP communications technology enables constant communication for voice, video and data applications in diverse and challenging environments. These include: Supporting critical IP applications across the enterprise from VoIP and VPN to streaming media Expanding cellular networks deep into rural and remote areas Providing back-up networks during network failure to assure business continuity Keeping emergency response teams in touch and in control Providing reliable, high-speed mobile broadband internet connectivity at sea or in the air that improves operations and crew welfare


IRTE S.p.A has been active in the telecommunications sector since 1970.The company has three separate workshops for antennas, radio relays and receiver-transmitters, with a staff constantly working on the research and development of new products to meet more and more complex technical specifications. To assist a own research IRTE uses the most up to date methods including computer aided design and has its own antenna test range with a 50 m high tower. Through quality control on raw materials and partly finished products and careful inspection of the finished products, we keep high the standard of IRTE S.p.A. products.

KJ Comtech

Kuhne electronic GmbH

We develop, produce and sell RF and microwave modules and devices in the frequency range from 100 MHz to 50 GHz. Our products range from power amplifiers and low noise preamplifiers to down converters and up converters, transverters, oscillators and transmitters for special applications. Our customers are companies in more than 70 countries all over the world. They are active in the areas Telecommunications, Aerospace, Media and Broadcast. KUHNE electronic currently achieves an amount of export of more than 75 percent. Furthermore, we supply universities and research institutes with laboratory measurement equipment and special devices for research and development. Other customers are the government, public authorities and security services. Globally, we serve our customers directly, without going through distributors. This allows us to guarantee optimal service and implement affordable customized solutions. As a special service, you may contact in South Korea, Israel and Brazil also directly our local representatives.


Langer EMV-Technik GmbH is a medium-sized electro-technical company which is active in the field of electromagnetic compatibility-related -research -development -production Our magnetic and electric field probes, which help developers to achieve new product qualities, are very popular throughout the world.


The Home of Products for EMC emissions measurement. The home of practical EMC Compliance test equipment specially developed as a cost effective set of tools for: - Product development - Production Testing - Self Test and Certifying - Pre-Compliance Testing

Microwave Photonic Systems

Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc. is a high-tech full service design and integration engineering firm that specializes in the design, development and manufacture of Radio Frequency / Microwave and Fiber Optic components and systems. MPS provides products and services to a wide array of military and industrial customers. Our customer base spans the Broadband, Telecommunications, SATCOM, Public Safety, and Wireless markets. The mission of MPS is to continue to design, develop and manufacture leading edge RF Photonic components, modules, and subsystems to the commercial and private industries. MPS strives to expand an ever-growing customer base by capitalizing on strong corporate management policies, utilizing industry experience and enhancing corporate contacts and networks. MPS is committed to continued investment in Research and Development to ensure that MPS can harnesses current technology advancements to expand our product offerings and effectively support the growing demands of our customer base.


RelComm Technologies, established in April 1994, designs and manufactures Design Enhanced Application Specific RF Coaxial Relay Products for high volume commercial telecommunications infrastructure, military communications as well as test and measurement instrumentation operating from DC to 40 GHz. RelComm Technologies is totally focused on serving the RF Coaxial Relay product needs of the Communications and Instrumentation marketplace.


Temix is an Italian Company in the telecommunications industry, supplying communications technology for Satellite, Wireless Networks and ICT infrastructure. Temix is leading the telecommunications market, with its own technical, engineering and support expertise. The Company is totally focused on innovative communications systems, and the key points of the company's mission are excellence, flexibility, integrity and friendliness towards all customers, partners and suppliers


UTE Microwave produces a broad range of ferrite devices for use in military, commercial, medical and scientific applications. With UTE's NEW lineup of isolators and circulators you can pack a lot of high-power performance into your designs.


ViaLiteproduct overview ViaLite range of RF-Over-Fibre and Serial Digital Links allow a wide range of timing and frequency signals to be transmitted and distributed over fibre optic cable. TIME & FREQUENCY SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION OVER OPTICAL FIBRE Features & Applications: • GPS, MSF, DCF & GALILEO • Time stamping provision of remote equipment • e-LORAN 10MHz and 1PPS • DVB-T, GSM & TETRA, & WIMAX antenna remoting • INFOSEC, EMC, EMP & Tempest • UTC & PRC/S for time servers • Particle physics synchronization Benefits: • Long distance transmission without signal loss • Interference immunity & electrical isolation • Simple plug and play installation • Lightweight & space saving optical cable increases signal density & bandwidth • Allows point to multipoint distribution & service scalability SECURE COMMUNICATION LINKS - Network Data Centre SEISMIC NETWORK AND STRUCTURAL MONITORING - Featuring signal distribution over Passive Optical Networks (PONS ViaLiteHD® product overview ViaLiteHD® builds on the success of the ViaLite® product range, which has been in the market for over 10 years, and is now adopted by many major satellite service operators and broadcasters. ViaLiteHD® is an innovative new design, that solves the latest operational problems that our customers are facing. The product range provides improved performance over conventional RF-over-Fibre products and numerous advanced management features, as well as innovative solutions to problems encountered with the transport, monitoring and control of RF signals. The ViaLiteHD® range provides high performance and high reliability fibre optic communication for a range of cross-site, interfacility and remote antenna applications, such as connecting antennas with control rooms, network operation centres or broadcast headends. ViaLiteHD® links are more than just an alternative to coaxial cabling. They provide high performance


XipLink is the technology leader in delivering standards-based wireless optimization software and hardware. The foundation of XipLink Optimization Software (XipOS) is based on 12 years of aerospace research and development related to speeding up communication between TCP based spacecraft payloads and the earth. The XipLink team is a group of seasoned wireless data communications professionals and in combination with reliable, well proven software the company is unique within the industry. XipLink Optimization Software (XipOS) uses vendor extensions based on the SCPS-TP protocol for transparent protocol acceleration in combination with high-ratio stream based data compression algorithms and HTTP pre-fetch software to deliver the maximum wireless capacity possible. Bandwidth gains generally exceed the link bandwidth by two to three times, often much more.
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