Millimeter Wave Division
Measurement and instrumentation equipment is the base of all R&D activity driven by any company in mm-wave industry. No one in the market can design a new breaking technology without high-quality measurement and instrumentation equipment at their labs. At ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division we design and serially manufacture precision measurement and instrumentation equipment for your mm-wave labs.

Telecom Solutions
ELVA-1 designs and manufactures a family of advanced wireless point-to-point
LAN bridges and point-to-multipoint LMDS/MVDS/MWS solutions to connect geographically distributed LAN segments and multimedia clients to a whole network. The PPC-100 LAN Bridge links provide true Ethernet 100 Mbit full-duplex (symmetric) traffic between point-to-point locations on distances up to 14km.

*Ultram Technologies Ltd. is an exclusive representative of Elva-1 in Israel.

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