80-100 GHz Pulse Noise Radar Front-End


High power pulse noise source PNSseries is used for illumination of target. Noise nature of probing signal avoids the problem of interference. Image obtained by means of noise radar allows to recognize target better then the image obtained by means of coherent radar.
The entire transmitter/receiver consists of the following elements:
Powerful pulse noise source.
Band pass filter (5 GHz typical).
Circulator of transmitting/receiving.
Switch for the receiver protection.
Balance mixer;
CW cavity stabilized IMPATT local oscillator.
IF amplifier.

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Millimeter-wave FMCW Radar Front-end

This new 94GHz FMCW radar front-end is the production-run OEM subsystem product.
There are two versions of the radar front-end currently: 10mW and 200mW. The applications of Radar Front-end are object location in construction and in survey measurements, vehicle obstacle detection and collision warning in transport area, level sensing for loose/granular materials and other applications.



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ULM-11/ULM-31 Level Measurement System


ULM-11 unit is a microwave transmitter designed for continuos non-contact measurement of liquids, pastes and bulk solids. The unit operates in the 94 GHz frequency band that is unique for its market competitors. This frequency guaranties high-precision measurement that allows to use ULM-11 unit at a wide range of industrial and supply enterprises, including large-scale oil refineries, chemicals plants, commercial registration systems of petrol supply and so on. Because measuring through a window made of special material the ULM-11 unit measures level under extreme conditions, e.g. inside tanks with toxic and aggressive media.


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